Serna & Associates | Expert International Litigation Attorneys
As one of the most experienced international litigation practices in the world, Serna & Associates PLLC are experts at representing foreign governments and states, winning the most challenging and complex cross-border disputes.
international litigation, expert international litigation
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International Litigation



International law is complex, confusing and constantly evolving. Serna & Associates  PLLC has more than 23 years in international law, providing unique experience and expertise in full-service dispute resolution, earning the reputation as leaders in this specialty practice area. Our attorneys have successfully represented sovereign states in international treaties, international investment law and dispute resolution, as well as delimitation of maritime and land boundaries, sovereign and diplomatic privileges and immunities, international environmental law, international trade and sanctions, and human rights. We are also extremely proud of our positive impact resulting from successful litigation, forcing entities who have violated the law to make safer, sounder rules and regulations that protect the innocent.

International Litigation Services


Serna & Associates PLLC has built a solid reputation in full-service dispute resolution, including international litigation, arbitration, judgment enforcement and collection, and arbitral awards. Contact our experienced international litigation attorneys today for your free, no obligation case evaluation. We fight hard to win, period.

  • Enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards
  • Claims defense
  • Foreign contract disputes
  • Disputes involving foreign sovereign governments

  • Use of an intelligence network to gather evidence in arbitration and litigation
  • Asset location for the satisfaction of judgments and arbitral awards
  • Representing businesses in the United States and abroad
  • Associating with foreign attorneys in litigation abroad