Serna & Associates | International Litigation, Immigration and Mitsubishi Defect Attorneys
Serna & Associates PLLC helps innocent victims get the justice they deserve. From international litigation to automobile, SUV accidents and defective auto products to business law and immigration issues, our attorneys are never afraid to take on the biggest corporations and government entities whose blatant disregard for you or your loved one’s safety and well-being caused pain and suffering, injury and even death.
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For more than 20 years, Serna & Associates PLLC have provided proven experience with compassion to clients located across the United States, Mexico, Canada and other countries. Bilingual in English and Spanish, attorneys Enrique and Daniel Serna are committed to their clients — as lawyers, advocates and partners — handling all cases with personal, one-on-one service. They are not satisfied unless their clients are satisfied, fighting to get each and every one the justice and compensation they deserve.


Talented, aggressive and experts in a variety of practice areas, Serna & Associates is dedicated to justice and action in the courtroom, obtaining outstanding results and strengthening the legal profession in the process. Their commitment to establishing long-lasting relationships with clients, counsel and judges has resulted in life-long clients and client referrals. Serna & Associates PLLC take great pride in representing generations of individuals and businesses, fiercely protecting those that need protecting the most.


Serna & Associates PLLC has earned a national and international legal reputation, handling cases other firms won’t, going head on with large, powerful and often intimidating companies, demanding justice for these greedy corporations’ negligence against victims. In fact, Enrique and Daniel fight so hard and are so well-known, many corporations decide to settle out of court.


At Serna & Associates PLLC, it’s about you and only you. Highly-skilled, persuasive and tenacious in and out of the courtroom, Enrique and Daniel paint your story and case with empathy and humanity, ensuring your pain and suffering is heard loud and clear.

Enrique G. Serna

Specializing in a wide range of product liability, auto accidents and auto defects, particularly Mitsubishi automobile products.

A seasoned and experienced trial lawyer, Enrique Serna has more than 23 years experience representing complex cases and clients across the United States and Mexico.


After Enrique became an attorney in May 1994, he founded Serna & Associates PLLC, a firm specializing in product liability and automobile defects, particularly Mitsubishi defects and accidents. His vast experience also includes personal injury, international litigation and immigration. Fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, he has earned the reputation of being one of the most versatile trial lawyers in the United States, trying more than 121 cases to verdict or settlement before Jury Deliberation.


Enrique has represented foreign governments and states, foreign and domestic public and private corporations, as well as common, everyday victims injured or killed due to product accidents and negligence.


Representing cases in Texas, California, Florida, Nevada and across the nation, he has overseen more than 1,000 individual cases throughout his career, as well as several large class action suits to successful resolution, recovering millions of dollars for his clients.


Enrique prides himself as being more than just a trial lawyer — he’s a fierce advocate for victims, representing clients in car defect product cases against Mitsubishi Motors, General Electric, Ford Motor Company and more.


Living by his motto, “No case is too big or too small,” Enrique is committed to providing the representation you deserve — from big government and corporation litigation, representing the Mexican Gulf States after the disastrous BP oil spill, representing the Mexican government in product action suits against military manufacturers, representing foreign corporations like Cavalia in Canada and victims of radiation from Costa Rica to individual personal injury cases like Mitsubishi drivers and passengers inured in Washington State — Enrique means what he says. He’s on your side and always fights to win. Period.


Education, Professional Admissions & Credentials


Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing – University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (1990)

Juris Doctor – Texas Southern University (1993)

State Bar of Texas (1994)

Supreme Court of the United States (2009)

U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals (2003)

U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals (1995)

U.S. Southern District of Texas (2001)

U.S. Western District of Texas (2003)

U.S Northern District of Texas (2009)


Daniel Serna


Daniel Serna has more than 12 years legal experience as a trial lawyer specializing in administrative and immigration law. Throughout his career, Daniel has successfully handled cases across the United States, Mexico, Europe and South America, representing foreign government and states, foreign and domestic public and private corporations, and individuals seeking immigration counsel and relief. Daniel also maintains an active trial practice, providing legal assistance and expertise to victims injured or killed in product defect-related accidents.


After becoming an attorney in November 2004, Daniel joined his brother, Enrique Serna, at Serna & Associates PLLC, a firm specializing  in Mitsubishi defects and accidents, personal injury, international litigation and immigration.


Fluent in both English and Spanish, and a passionate immigration lawyer and advocate, Daniel spearheaded this practice area, providing immigration legal services to both individuals and corporations. He has earned the reputation of being one of the most versatile, effective immigration lawyers in the State of Texas, having handled more than 1,000 national and international immigration-related cases.


Daniel is a former adjunct professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio, where he taught immigration policy, inspiring many of his students to pursue a legal career in this area of practice. Additionally, he has lectured extensively on immigration issues at universities throughout Mexico.


Representing corporate litigation, commercial litigation, immigration, product liability and personal injury cases in Texas, California, Nevada, New York, Illinois and across the nation, Daniel has recovered millions of dollars for his clients, as well as helping people achieve the American Dream through immigration legal assistance.


Daniel prides himself as being more than just a trial lawyer — he’s a trusted adviser and counsel to each one of his client’s. Believing every client should be given the same attention and care, regardless of the manner of representation or fees involved, Daniel is always on your side and will pursue your goals until achieved.


Education, Professional Admissions & Credentials


Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science – University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (2000)

Juris Doctor – Texas Southern University (2004)

State Bar of Texas (2004)

U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals (2013)

U.S. Southern District of Texas (2011)

U.S. Western District of Texas (2017)

U.S Eastern District of Texas (2013)