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The Law Office of Serna & Associates PLLC represents individuals, businesses and government entities throughout the United States and Mexico, recovering millions of dollars in damages for our clients from greedy corporations and agencies. Fully bilingual in English and Spanish, we handle complex cases in Texas, Florida, California, Washington, New York and other states across the United States, and are available day and night, seven days a week. We fight to win, period.
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Financial Judgment: Victims of a ponzi scheme sued fund managers for breach of fiduciary duty, civil theft and fraud.



Auto Settlement: Client sued tire manufacturer for tire wall failure resulting in crash causing the death of his son.



Auto Settlement: Client sued auto manufacturer for death of son when vehicle caught fire during rollover.



Financial Settlement: Small class action suit where employer failed to pay employee’s minimum wage and overtime.


Fighting For Diabetic Patients Thrown Under The Bus By Big Pharma.




Serna & Associates PLLC helps innocent victims get the justice they deserve. From international litigation to automobile, SUV accidents and defective auto products to business law and immigration issues, our attorneys are never afraid to take on the biggest corporations and government entities whose blatant disregard for you or your loved one’s safety and well-being caused pain and suffering, injury and even death.

As advocates and fierce defenders for innocent victims, our attorneys have successfully challenged and won millions for our clients from big corporations like Mitsubishi Motors, Yamaha, Farmer’s Insurance, Chrysler Corp., General Electric and AIG Insurance.

These greedy corporations and agencies are experts at intimidation, forcing you to take much less than you deserve. Don’t settle for less – contact Serna & Associates PLLC today. We fight hard for you, and we win, period.

Our team of legal experts specialize in Mitsubishi accidents caused by defects and safety hazards, and have successfully represented drivers, passengers and families, demanding — and receiving — the justice you deserve.

As one of the most experienced international litigation practices in the world, Serna & Associates PLLC are experts at representing foreign governments and states, winning the most challenging and complex cross-border disputes.

Immigration law can be intimidating. We provide families and employers with comprehensive, personalized immigration solutions, including naturalization, legal residence for spouses, relatives and children, work visas and more.

We understand the devastation catastrophic injuries have on the lives of our clients and fight hard to get you the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys specialize in wrongful death and injury cases, representing individuals and their families throughout the United States.

Serna & Associates PLLC has successfully represented public pension funds, union funds and non-public institutional investors across the United States, including mutual funds, high-wealth and individual investors in class, direct, derivative and other actions.

Business and corporate law is complex and constantly evolving. With more than 25 years of experience, Serna & Associates PLLC represents businesses requiring organizational structure, commercial litigation, trade secret protection, contractual disputes and more.


    Fighting For Diabetic Patients Thrown Under The Bus By Big Pharma.   Serna & Associates PLLC has partnered with MSP Recovery, the leading Medicare and Medicaid Secondary Payer Act Recovery Specialist law firm in the United States.   Headquartered in Miami, FL, MSP Recovery has…
  • Defective Products: Caterpillar C18 and C32 Engine Defects Investigation
    Caterpillar C18 and C32 Engine Defects Investigation ENRIQUE G. SERNA, SERNA & ASSOCIATES PLLC, LIEFF, CABRASER, HEIMANN & BERNSTEIN, AND THE POWELL LAW FIRM  are investigating widespread claims that defects in certain Caterpillar engines lead to repeated engine failures in C18 and C32 models. Complaints…
  • El Tiempo: ‘23 de agosto, fecha clave para el futuro de DACA’
    Para detallar el tema, El Tiempo se comunicó con el abogado de migración, Daniel Serna, de Richard Harris Law Firm, quien explicó que el gobierno federal tiene el derecho de apelar o esperar a ver qué sucede con los otros casos federales relacionados a DACA…